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Adding a web-site to the directory!

Please read and complete this form fully before clicking the send details button to suggest a web-site for inclusion within the directory -

The following points must be adhered to and confirmed before any web-sites can be sent for consideration:
  1. The submitted web-site must link back to in the correct format (detailed below). This must be in place before submitting this form!

  2. Only top level domains can be submitted to the directory via the form. no longer take new listings of any web-site which is a sub-directory domain or a site held on a freeserver.

  3. The web-site must not contain any material deemed unsuitable by

  4. Web-sites can only be added to the available categories which displays a 'List web-site' link towards the bottom of the page.

  5. The web-site must be area & category specific! This means they must be submitted to an area to which they are based. When sites are verified they will be checked for their locality.
Reciprocal link format
The format for the link (reciprocal) back to must be displayed within the following criteria:
  • The link back to must be within the entry page of the submitted domain or within a page easily reached from the entry page by no more than one click. i.e. a page that is linked to from the entry page

  • Depending on the county on which the web-site will feature, you should choose one of the following reciprocal link display formats:

    • For Devon use:
      <b><a href="">Devon</a></b> - Information directory and companion for Tourists, Visitors and Residents of Devon

    • For Cornwall use:
      <b><a href="">Cornwall</a></b> - Information directory and companion for Tourists, Visitors and Residents of Cornwall

    The above code can be copied by highlighting the text, right mouse click, then copy, you will then need to paste the copied text into the HTML code of the web page. The link should then display similar to this example:

    "Devon - Information directory and companion for Tourists, Visitors and Residents of Devon"
Submission form (complete all fields)
Please confirm that you have followed the above web-site submission guidelines before completing the form below!

Your email address:
email address

Your name:
your name

Name / title of web-site:
title of the web-site

Web-site address:
web-site address

Category for web-site: Cornwall / Penwithick / Miscellaneous
(if this is not the required category - then please return to the directory, find the correct category page you require and follow the 'add a link' located towards the bottom of the page)

Description of site (max 15-20 words):
web-site description

Other comments regarding listing:

Enter the capture words and press this submit:

Please Confirm Points 1-5 Listed Above?? confirm


Once reviewed and accepted, most links will be added to the directory within two weeks.

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