Exeter's Underground Passages


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Exeter's Underground Passages

Medieval subterranean passages built to provide the city with a constant supply of fresh water from springs outside the walls. The water would travel through lead pipes. As these pipes would sometimes spring leaks, and to avoid the expense and time involved with keep digging them up the passages were constructed using the cut and cover method in the 14th century. This is the only passages of their kind open to the public in the UK giving its visitors the opportunity to see an audio-visual presentation about the underground passages before being guided down beneath the city through a sequence of tunnels.
Exeter's Underground Passages
2 Paris Street

01392 665887

Entrance located in Paris Street within the new Princesshay Quarter.
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Exeter's Underground Passages Description / Reviews / Visitors Feedback
Unique medieval passages built under Exeter's city centre dating back to the 14th century to provide the city with a constant supply of fresh water from springs outside the walls.

Comment Had the opportunity to visit these passages before they reopen to the public again on the 20th September after being closed for more than two years due to Exeter's Princesshay redevelopment. The entrance is much improved from the original. The hallways, stairs and reception areas on the way down provide lots of interesting information, artwork and exhibits before going on to view the presentation film and the tunnels themselves. From the High Street, it is hard to believe that Exeter has this matrix of passages below the surface. Obviously the tour wouldn't be recommended for anybody who has a dislike for enclosed spaces. I would also say due to the bending and crouching required that it's not ideal if you have weak knees either. Good footwear and sensible clothing is a good idea too. The later, particularly if you choose to come back through the lower and narrower route!

Feedback / Review By Rob of Devon on 2007-09-08

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