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Exeter Cathedral

Exeter's St Peters Cathedral with its two magnificent towers has been dominating the city's skyline since 1114. The Cathedral is one of Exeter's most popular and well-known visitor attractions.
Exeter Cathedral
Cathedral Close

01392 285983
Cathedral Shop, The Refectory Restaurant

St Peter's Cathedral is located just off Exeter's High Street
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Exeter Cathedral Description / Reviews / Visitors Feedback
Comment I grew up in Exeter and one of my favourite places is the Cathedral and its lovely green all within the Cathedral close. Entering the close always feels to me that you have just gone through a time warp with so many period buildings with the Cathedral as the main attraction in the centre. I remember a school trip in the 70's, we visited St Peter's Cathedral and had a tour which included going up to the top of the north tower and looking out - it was fantastic and a memory that I will never forget. I don't know if they still offer such an opportunity, but if you get the chance take it!

Feedback / Review By Barry of Exeter, Devon on 2007-08-30

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