Beer Quarry Caves


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Beer Quarry Caves

Visit quarry caverns that supplied the famous Beer Stone to 24 cathedrals including Exeter and St.Paul's. Take an underground guided tour through these vast man-made caves that date back to Roman times.
Beer Quarry Caves


01297 680282

Between Beer and Branscombe off the A3052
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Beer Quarry Caves Description / Reviews / Visitors Feedback
Comment After a visit earlier this Summer I must admit that I have never been to a more Dog Unfriendly Tourist Attraction. First my Daughter was told to Take her Dog back down to the car park, we thought that she must have been mistaken. But when we all walked up the drive to the Refreshments hut we were all told to take our dogs back to the car park....What nonsense It meant that our family had to split up. I had to sit in the car on my own with the 2 dogs while the rest had a tour of the caves. There were other people having to do the same. What is the problem with people with a dog sitting quietly outside the refreshments Hut with a cup of tea or coffee while they are waiting... better still... make it abundantly clear on your advertising that dog owners are unwelcome to save them the trouble of sitting in your car park for upto a couple of hours at a time. I certainly will not visit again and my pet owning friends have all been warned.

Feedback / Review By Julie Taylor of Coventry UK on 2009-11-13
Comment I gave this a go and enjoyed it especially being able to take my family for a day out with the worry of no dogs as my daughter was bitten and terrified.

Feedback / Review By Kay Winstone of Devon on 2013-07-30

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