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Cobbled street descending down towards the tiny harbour and unspoilt historic village of Clovelly. The audio-visual show in the visitor centre narrates an introduction to this colourful village.

EX39 5TA

01237 431781

Off the A39 west of Bideford
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Clovelly Description / Reviews / Visitors Feedback
Comment I went to Clovelly during the summer holidays with my partner and two daughters and we had a really enjoyable day. Clovelly is absolutely beautiful and well worth the entrance fee. I thoroughly recommend it and look forward to visiting again soon.

Feedback / Review By Jo of Exeter on 2010-09-19
Comment Visited clovelly with my family ,we had a good time looking at the fisherman cottage the grand children could not belive that families lived and slept in such a small house .lovly meal at the new inn hotel.we enjoyed watching a man using his sledge to take down his shopping,well worth the money to see the beautiful houses and the port,and the children had a donkey ride good value had by us all will visit again .

Feedback / Review By Heather Hearl of Newquay on 2011-04-16
Comment I had an enjoyable visit to Clovelly as a child and wanted my own children to experience it, so on a recent holiday to Devon I picked up a leaflet with a view to going there. I was astonished to discover that, as a family of four, we would have to pay 15.90 for the privilege of entering the village. There was no prospect of our walking along the Coast Path from Bucks Mills as one of our family members would not have been able to complete the walk. We still wanted to go so bit the bullet and paid, but instead of the pub lunch and cream tea we had anticipated we bought sandwiches and drinks from Asda on the way and had them instead as a way of offsetting the cost. We wouldn't have objected to a reasonable parking charge but 15.90 seemed over the top. The leaflet states that the fee includes admission to the Fisherman's Cottage and Kingsley Museum, but these are tiny and can be viewed collectively in ten minutes. It just seemed to me that Clovelly had metamorphosed from the pretty fishing village that I remembered from my childhood into a grasping commodity. The Visitors Centre could have been more sympathetically designed - it isn't the most attractive of buildings. I would suggest to anyone wanting to visit Clovelly that they use the Coast Path if they are able to, that they take the children before they reach the age of seven (under sevens enter free of charge)and that they take a packed lunch and drinks to offset the cost. Incidentally, the leaflet does not list a concessionary price for senior citizens.

Feedback / Review By Marianne of Colchester on 2011-04-17
Comment During our recent enjoyable and sunny break to Devon we decided to visit Clovelly. After walking along the coast path we entered the village from the shore and whilst standing by the harbour looking up at the village we were confronted by an elderly chap. After saying good morning to him we were bombarded with questions on how we got into the village, where we were staying, who told us to walk down the coast path and in this way and so on. When he had finished he then told us we were on private property (at no point did we see any private property signs or no entry signs) and in no uncertain terms to proceed staight to the visitor center and pay the admission fee. This rather put a dampner on the whole experience and what would have been an enjoyable visit with a pub lunch, ice creams and a trip round the souvenir shop with the children (contributing quite nicley to the local comunity) We decided to leave and will not visit Clovelly again neither recommend anybody else to do so.

Feedback / Review By A Sharpe of Bournemouth on 2011-04-25
Comment What a dissappointment. We are visiting Devon and perticularly wanted to go to Clovelly where my wife had spent some wonderful times in the past. Fortunately our landlady warned us about the excessive charges now for simply parking the car and entering the village! Absolutely ridiculous - if the 'landowners' want to encourage people to contribute to their costs they should make a normal parking charge and let their visitors pay extra for the 'facilities' if they are worth it.! I will not be returning and will pass this information on to others.

Feedback / Review By John of Maidstone, UK on 2011-09-05
Comment Having lived in a lovely small English town for 20 years and being surrounded by lovely English Villages which cost a reasonable amount for the car parks on the outskirts but do not charge admission to the village, I was stunned to have to pay to enter Clovelly. And no it wasn't worth it, it's a sad little run down place covered in scaffolding. North Devon is worth a visit for all the lovely places it has, Clovelly is not.

Feedback / Review By Joanne Spencer of Corsham, UK on 2011-10-16
Comment We recently went to Clovelly whilst on a short break, as in common with most of the other comments it wasn't a pleasant experience. The cost of 5.95 per person is extortionate, you don't mind contributing to the upkeep of the village but this is much too much especially considering the prices that are charged in the village cafes and pubs for food and drink. My sister in law is partially disabled so she could not walk and took the transport down and back, she didn't have to pay to see the village but boy did they sting her for 2.50 each way for a five minute drive. Unfortunately it was raining and we didn't see a great deal of the village on the way down as we had to watch our feet and take care of every step we took as those cobbles are treacherous when wet. Overall I think it's a very pretty place but the entrance fees are too high!

Feedback / Review By Mervyn Coombes of Bridgwater, UK on 2011-10-18
Comment I last visted North Devon 30 years and went to see the beautiful village of Clovelly. What a shock I had when I returned this Easter with my husband, who had been once before when he was a child, to discover that we were expected to pay 6.50 each to go into the village! Needless to say we turned around and went back the way we came! Since when do you have to pay a toll to see our villages. This is our heritage. Private land or not, it is an absolute disgrace, it's immoral and total exploitation! Very disappointed.

Feedback / Review By Sue of Birmingham, UK on 2012-04-10

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